ECommerce optimization

Improved the speed and effectiveness of the Front End for a major retailer





The profitability of an ecommerce depends on several factors, including the relevance of the content to each user, the speed and technical aspects of the site and the efficiency of their back-office. At Pharedata we have extensive experience supporting large online retailers to increase their profitability.



A retail company with significant online operations needed to improve the experience for its users, both in speed and relevance of the products presented.

For this, we were asked for help in reviewing the current system and implementing improvements in it.



  • We improve the speed and effectiveness of the search engine and categories using elasticsearch
  • On the front end we use Single Page Application (SPA) under React technology to drastically reduce the loading speed
  • We develop, through artificial intelligence tools, contextual recommendation boxes
  • We suggest changes in architecture that would allow to withstand the extraordinary loads on promotional days



65% reduction in page loading time

100% automatic advertising box coverage

Increased relevance to customers in searches and categories


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